We're getting married!

Celebrate with us on January 7th, 2017


Our Story


After growing up in strikingly similar communities on opposite sides of Los Angeles, our stories started coming together as we both made our way to Pepperdine University. During our freshman year, we lived in dorms right next to each other but unfortunately avoided meeting despite plenty of mutual friends. In 2012, we both flew off to Switzerland to study abroad. It somehow took us moving to Europe to finally meet, but once there, sparks started flying quickly.

Falling in love in Europe was as perfect of a start to our relationship as we could've possibly imagined. With Lausanne as an amazing backdrop and dates traveling to Oktoberfest, Paris, and Barcelona, we fell for each other fast and hard. After clearing up with our family and friends back home that we hadn't started dating a local, we enjoyed an unforgettable 8 months traveling together. Whether our time together was spent studying & splitting some Domino's pizza, dancing with our friends, or exploring new cities all around Europe our laughter kept growing louder and our love kept growing deeper.

As we came back to the States and settled back into reality, we had an incredible last two years of college as we merged our friend groups and created amazing memories with the people around us. The travel bug stayed with us and fueled many roadtrips all around California, up to Oregon, to Wyoming, and eventually to Ojai.

On March 25, 2016, on a casual "weekend getaway", we made our way up to a beautiful overlook of the valley and I (Tyler) got to finally ask Erin to be my wife. She said yes :)

After we dried our joyous tears and asked some hippie ladies to take photos of us, we got to settle back into this last phase of our lives before the wedding. Erin is finishing up her Masters of Science in Special Education at Cal Lutheran while I am working in the fast-paced startup world of Silicon Beach as a marketer at Twenty20.

We're so excited to start the rest of our life together and can't wait to share the big day with you all! Check out the rest of this site for some more info about the wedding and make sure to RSVP.


Ceremony & Reception

3 o'clock in the afternoon on January 7th, 2017

Oakmont Country Club
3100 Country Club Dr.
Glendale, CA 91208
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Please enjoy the complementary valet parking.


Cocktail/Semi Formal

From the Dress Code at Oakmont Country Club:
"Prohibited are jeans or denims, shirts without collars or sleeves, and cargo shorts or cargo pants."



Let us know if you can make it: